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Our Services

Improving individual experience, clinician confidence and organisational service delivery.


We offer a growing range of quality options developed to meet the needs of health professionals, organisations, associations and industry partners.

These include an eLearning platform (WOUNDed® Learning Centre), customised live stream, recorded online and face to face education programs & training sessions, along with invited speaker services for webinars, seminars and symposiums.

Our focus is to design and deliver innovative and accessible WOUNDed® resources and Talking Wounds® events including play on demand Learning Pods, webcasts and blogs.


We offer customised professional consultancy services to meet the needs of organisations and facilities to promote person centred, safe and quality best practice care.

Virtual bedside consults and clinical rounds focus on skin safety and integrity, hard to heal wound challenges and risk minimisation. In addition, comprehensive audits of current practice, process & policy and/or formulary reviews can be provided. 

Our focus on skin safety, wound prevention and management strategies aim to improve the ‘lived’ experience, optimise clinical outcomes and reduce fiscal costs.


We offer a range of customised support services to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, organisations and industry partners.

These can include mentoring & team support, social media community groups, marketing material reviews or expert working/focus group facilitation & contribution. 

Monthly free live online Q&A creating conversations & encouraging meaningful discussions are offered. 

Our focus is to meet unique client needs through service partnerships that promote empowerment, confidence and quality best practice.

About Wendy White WoundCare

To inspire many, by connecting with one.

In 2007 Wendy White WoundCare was founded, an independent wound consultancy service. Customised education, clinical and professional support were designed to meet the unique needs of organisations and their teams.

In 2018, Talking Wounds® with Wendy White & WOUNDed® divisions were founded, offering new, innovative initiatives to address the ever-growing demands for quality service provision.

Our vision is to create informed and caring global communities, where better skin and wound care is accessible to all.

Thus, positively influencing outcomes, and improving lives lived for those at risk of or living with wounds is our passion – advancing practice of others through knowledge updates and new skills acquisition is our focus.

Wendy White WoundCare

Creating informed and caring global communities, where better skin and wound care is accessible to all.

Current News

Want to be kept up to date relating to knowledge and practice? 

We ensure that relevant clinical practice guidelines, peak body standards and international consensus and publications provide the foundation of our education – a global village approach.


Do you want to ensure your team ‘understand the message'? 

We are known in the industry for being able to take a topic and share new knowledge to an audience, small group or individuals in a way that informs, engages and motivates.


Are you interested in technology to improve practice? 

We are too! Whether it’s online meetings, self-booked appointments, learning systems, wound measurement or screening tools, we want to go on this techno journey with you today and into the future.


Need a fresh set of eyes within your organisation? 

We can help to take a look around to see what’s going well and what could be improved relating to skin safety, minimising risk and enabling your team to deliver quality care.


Are you wanting to better understand your skin and wound care formulary? 

Let us show you how to meet your clinical needs, and control the ‘spend’ by structuring product inventory to address gaps and duplication while providing best practice skin & wound care.

Give Back

Do you want to help us? You can! 

Since 2018, we have continued to support ‘The Shoe That Grows’ by donating a percentage of our income from services delivered, which contributes to the purchase and distribution of shoes to children in need.

Giving Back

The Shoe That Grows was designed to be a longer lasting solution for children living in low resource countries. The shoe is durable, it expands five sizes and can lasts for many years. 

A $30 AUD donation is all it takes to send one pair of shoes.

Over 1.5 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases worldwide. Without shoes, children are especially vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death. Children who get sick miss school, can’t help their families, and suffer needlessly.

We support be.cause International and their mission projects for 'The Shoe That Grows'.

Professional Associations

Wendy White is a registered healthcare professional, and a recipient of a Wounds Australia Fellowship, in recognition of her contribution to clinical practice, education, research and leadership in wound management throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific region. 

Wendy is also an invited honorary Advisor to Leg Club Foundation Scientific Committee - Chair Ellie Lindsay (Leg Club - UK) supporting the Global Patient Task force (in partnership World Union of Wound Healing Societies), and member of the International Patient and Carer Advocacy Panel.

Talking Wounds® with Wendy White

Be the change for better skin & wound care