The CHANGE Agents Membership 


WOUNDed® Learning Centre with Wendy White

BeWhy not consider an online 'bite-sized' approach to C

Be the change for better skin & wound care

The CHANGE Agents Membership

Take the next step in your professional development and inspire those around you to do the same. Make a stand as you engage, empower, and advocate for the vulnerable at risk of, or living with wounds. Join like-minded CHANGE Agents committed to life long learning and better skin & wound care for all.

Join Wendy in:

* the Meet-ups

(twice month group Q&A coaching live (& recorded) online sessions)

* the Workshops 

(monthly live (& recorded) online sessions

the Mini Courses 

(monthly self directed online on demand learning)

The 'Member's Only' portal is accessed via the WOUNDed® Learning Centre, accessible on desltop, laptop, tablet & smart phone.

The WOUNDed® Learning Centre (WLC)

Continue your professional development & access pay/play-as-you-go, self directed Mini & Short courses. These professional development learning resources have been created & delivered by Wendy White, incorporating recorded video lessons & check-in tests designed to meet the educational demands of busy health care professionals and organisations. 

The topics and content will be up-to-date, based on best available evidence and focused on optimising individualised care delivery. 

A CPD Completion Certificate can be generated and downloaded by the learner from the WLC.

Our Master Course (Talking Debridement: To the Cutting Edge & Beyond) is also accessed (private course) via our learning platform (NB: this Hybrid course is only available to organisations ready to meet their patients, clients & residents clinical needs and provide an exciting opportunity to select team members to expand their knowledge & skills.

Ready to take the next step in your professional journey?

Become a CHANGE Agent member with access to online coaching, workshops, mini courses with Wendy White. 

Why not consider an online 'bite-sized' approach to CPD

WOUNDed® with Wendy White

Sharing. Learning. Growing.

Looking for a self-directed, 'bite-sized' approach to CPD?

"the Mini Course" hosted in the 

WOUNDed® Learning Centre (WLC) can help!